Ski Bunny Embroidered Patch

Color: Blue

Add a little extra to your bag with our Ski Bunny Patch. 

See Details for Patch Application. 

Product Details

-Patch Size: 2.5” H x 2.2” W (inches)
-Made in China

-Patches are heat set with a type of backing that features a glue which, when heated, adheres the patch to your bag. Best to apply on materials that can withstand high heat such as cotton or poly.

Use a Hair Dryer:
-To permanently apply the patch to your bag using a
hair dryer, simply apply high heat over the patch for 20-30 seconds. After heating, press the patch down to the bag to make sure it adheres. Check to see if it is attached, you may need to apply more heat.

Sew on your patch:
-To attach your patch, stitch around the outside of the patch to secure it to your bag.

This is a good method if the patch is not adhering the the fabric after you applied heat or you are attaching to a fabric that can not handle high heat. It’s also an additional step after applying heat to make sure the patch is extra secure.

-Please take a care. Ahdorned is not responsible for any product damage following patch application or removal.

Care Instructions

-Spot Clean Only with Soft Damp Cloth
-Do Not Machine wash
-Do Not Bleach
-Do Not Tumble Dry