Hardware Color
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Striped Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Navy/Red/Navy-Gold Hardware Navy/Red/White-Gold Hardware Black/Cream/White/Yellow-Gold Hardware Black Green Red Black/Grey/Black-Silver Hardware Black/Crimson/White-Gold Hardware Red Black Bee Black White Bee + 5 more
Metallic Striped 2” Adjustable Bag Strap w/ Silver Hardware
$ 48.00
Black/Silver/Orange Black/Silver/Yellow Coffee/Silver/White
2" Zig Zag Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Pink/White/Navy-Gold Hardware Brown/Black/Blue-Gold Hardware Dk Green-Gold Hardware
2" Ski Bunny Collection Interchangeable Printed Bag Straps
$ 48.00
Black/Blue Apres Ski Black/Pink Apres Ski Black/Blue Ski Bunny Black/Pink Ski Bunny Black/Blue Snowflake Black/Pink Snowflake Black/Blue Stripe Black/Pink Stripe + 5 more
2" Printed SPORT Adjustable Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Black Ground GOLF Strap Black Ground Fairway Strap Ace Argyle Strap-Pink Navy Ground Volley Strap Navy Ground LOVE Tennis Strap Ace Argyle Strap-Green Navy Ground Multi Pickleball Strap Navy Ground DINK Strap Ace Argyle Strap-Blue Black Ground DINK RESPONSIBLY Navy Ground DINK REPSONSIBLY Black Ground DINK Strap Black Ground Multi Pickleball Strap Black Ground LOVE Tennis Strap White Ground DINK Strap White Ground LOVE Tennis Strap White Ground Multi PICKLEBALL PADDLE Strap White Ground Multi Double Pickleball Paddle Strap + 15 more
Glitter Multi Stripe Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Red/Pink/Bronze White/Pink/Gold Pink/Green/Blue Green/Blue + 1 more
2" Double Diamond Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Green/Light Green Diamond Pink/Cream Diamond Navy/Camel Diamond Grey/White Diamond Grey/White Diamond-Silver Hardware Orange/Cream Diamond Black/Navy/Cream/White Diamond + 4 more
Foulard Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Black/Brown/Pink Grey/Camel/Cream- Silver Hardware
Argyle Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Black/Camel/Pink Pink/Grey Orange/Cream Navy/Camel Black/Cream/Blue Brown/Black Peach/Cream Navy/Grey Blue/Cream White/Blue Light Blue/White Brown/Pink Cream/Grey Grey/Light Blue - Silver Hardware + 11 more
XO Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Purple Ground/Grey Orange Ground/Grey
Multi Color Stripe Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Black/Pink/White Orange/Khaki/Grey Pink/Khaki/Black Light Blue/Khaki/White Navy/Khaki/Burgundy Grey/White/Navy-Silver Hardware Army/Orange/White + 4 more
Houndstooth Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Apple Green/White Houndsooth Navy/White Houndstooth White/Khaki Houndstooth Beige/Camel Houndstooth Orange/White Houndstooth Black/White Houndstooth- Silver Hardware Black/White Houndstooth-Gold Hardware + 4 more
Bubble Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Dark Blue Bubble Mustard Bubble Dark Brown Bubble Black Bubble Light Blue Bubble + 2 more
Resin 'Ball' Strap -16"
$ 38.00
Gold Black Cream Pearl Silver + 2 more
Game Day/Team Spirit Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 38.00
Crimson/White Burnt Orange/White Royal/White Orange/Blue Maize/Azure Purple/Gold Blue/Navy Red/Black Blue/Gold Crimson/Cream Orange/Regalia Scarlet/Grey Orange/Green Cardinal/Gold Garnet/Black Purple/White Red/Navy Orange/White Gold/White Orange/Navy Maroon/White Green/White + 19 more
22" Resin Interchangeable Bag Chain/Shoulder Strap
$ 34.50
Gold- Gold Hardware Black- Gold Hardware Silver- Silver Hardware Chunky-Gold + 1 more
Checkerboard Interchangeable Woven Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Navy-Green Tile Blue-Aqua Tile Navy-White Tile
Solid Interchangeable Cotton Bag Strap
$ 48.00
Light Grey Cream- Gold Hardware Dark Grey Camel- Gold Hardware + 1 more
Silver Camo Print 2" Adjustable Bag Strap w/Silver Hardware
$ 48.00
Grey Ground/Silver Camo White Ground/Silver Camo Green Ground/Silver Camo

Functionality Meets Style

Bag straps are more than just a functional part of your handbag – they're a statement of your style and personality. Ahdorned brings you a collection of interchangeable bag straps that blend practicality with fashion. From the office to a night out, these straps are designed to showcase your unique style.

Explore a variety of fashionable bag straps, each designed to complement different moods and occasions. Whether you're looking for something classic or an  embroidered strap that stands out, at Ahdorned, we have it all.

Choosing the Right Bag Strap

Material and Durability

Select from high-quality materials that promise longevity and style. Our bag straps are built to last, ensuring you and your Ahdorned handbag always looks its best.

Length and Adjustability

Comfort is key. Our adjustable straps cater to your preferred length, ensuring a perfect fit for any body type or bag style.

Match Your Mood

With Ahdorned, you have the freedom to interchange straps based on your mood, event, or outfit. Mix and match to create a look that's uniquely yours.

Enhancing Comfort and Support

Our collection of bag straps include superior comfort while retaining the aesthetics of customizable options, tailored to your style. Perfect for those heavier bags, providing extra comfort for your daily carry. The adjustable nature of our straps ensures a personalized fit, catering to your comfort needs. Additionally, the ergonomic designs of our Ahdorned straps help distribute the weight of your bag evenly, reducing strain and enhancing overall comfort.

Adding Style and Versatility

At Ahdorned, we’ve made our statement straps more than just functional – they're fashionable, too. The interchangeable nature of our straps allows for endless customization, ensuring your bag always matches your unique style. Different strap attachments are available for various bag styles or outings, making them versatile for any occasion.

Elevate Your Bag Game

A good bag strap is an essential accessory for any trendsetter. Explore our collection to find the perfect bag strap that enhances functionality and style of your favorite Ahdorned bag.

We love seeing how you style your Ahdorned straps! Share your looks on our socials and inspire others.

How do I adjust the length of an adjustable Ahdorned bag strap?

Ahdorned bag straps are designed with user-friendly adjustability. Simply slide the buckle to the desired length to ensure a perfect fit for your body type and bag style.

What lengths are available for Ahdorned's bag straps?

Our collection includes a variety of lengths to cater to different needs and preferences. From shorter straps for shoulder bags to longer ones for crossbody wear, Ahdorned ensures a comfortable and stylish fit for everyone.

Do you have tips for matching a bag and strap?

Yes! Consider the color, texture, and style of your bag. A contrasting strap can add a pop of color, while a matching one offers a more cohesive look. Think about the occasion and your outfit to choose a strap that complements both.

How do I keep my bag from slipping off the strap?

Ahdorned bag straps are designed with secure clasp attachments. Ensure the strap is adjusted to a comfortable length and the bag is not overloaded to maintain balance.

Is there any advice on bag strap maintenance?

Regularly clean your strap with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and store it in a cool, dry place.

How much weight can Ahdorned bag straps support?

Our bag straps are carefully crafted to support a reasonable amount of weight, typically accommodating the daily essentials. However, it's advisable not to overload your bag to maintain the strap's integrity and your comfort.