When it comes to game day, fans take their job seriously. From tailgating to dressing up in team colors, there are many ways to show team and game day spirit. Whether you’re into collegiate sports, pro events, or pep rallies, Ahdorned is here to share stylish and effective tips to help you flaunt your game day spirit like never before!

1. Choose the Right Colors

The first step is to show your allegiance to your team by wearing the team’s colors, of course! Whether it’s a vibrant tee, a colorful scarf, or funky socks, there are so many ways to show your team spirit. One of our favorites is mixing and matching different shades, colors, and patterns to create a look unique to you but still supports your team – and our Game Day Collection does just that!

2. Jerseys and Team Apparel

There’s no better way to show your support for your favorite team than wearing official team jerseys and apparel. Not only is it a timeless way to show your fandom, but it’s a symbol of unity and allegiance. Combine it with stylish accessories like our Bailey Game Day Mini Messenger Bag* to make a trendy statement while maintaining a cohesive look.

3. DIY Team Spirit Outfits

Game day is a great opportunity to get creative with how you show your support. If you love DIY, get crafty and transform your clothing into an outfit that screams team spirit. From customizing T-shirts to creating colorful tutus or designing your own shoes, the sky's the limit when creating your team items.

4. Accessorize With Team Merchandise

The great part about game day is that it’s a time when you can do a little something extra. Think hats, scarves, and our Erin Quilted Puffy Sling*. Adding those small details can add the finishing touch your look needs.

5. Face and Body Painting

Go bold or go home! The ultimate display of passion and dedication, paint your face and body in your team's colors. Whether you go for an intricate design or simple stripes and a logo, it’s a great way to stand out in the crowd.

6. Coordinate With Friends and Family

Team spirit is contagious, so why not spread the fun? Coordinate outfits and accessories with friends and family to make even more of an impact. A united front of support enhances the collective energy and makes it more exciting to get everyone involved.

7. Tailgating Attire

It’s key to dress appropriately for the tailgating portion of game day. Go for comfortable and stylish items that withstand the lively atmosphere of the pre-game celebrations. It’s also smart to carry a purse like our team color camera bag* so that you can bring all your must-have essentials and breeze through security.

8. Show Spirit at Home

Can’t make it to the game? You can show just as much team spirit right from home. Decorate your living room in your team’s colors, wear your jersey or team apparel, and don’t forget to cheer. Creating a fun environment at home allows you to be part of the festivities. Plus, your spirit will be felt all the way to the stadium!

Cheer In Style: Shop Your Team’s Color at Ahdorned

Showing your game day spirit is more than just cheering the loudest; it’s about embracing your passion and love for the game. So, whether you’re at the stadium or at home, grab your pom poms and let your spirit shine through. And remember, with Ahdorned, you can do it in style! We understand how important game day is, so we’ve created a collection just for that. Explore our Game Day Straps and customize your look to be the ultimate fan!

*Before heading to the game (and giving your look the final touch), make sure to check your venue’s bag requirement.

Tracey Novick